Starting Prep

School Support for Children with Special Needs

Starting Secondary School by Dr Michael Carr-Gregg and Sharon Witt

'Surviving High School’ by Sharon Witt

'The High School Survival Guide' by Jessica Holsman

Transitions resources for families

Getting your child set for Prep

Making and keeping friends

Favourite things about School

Starting high school

What are transitions?

Transition to School

Smiling Mind


My day at Kindergarten

'First Day' by Andrew Daddo

Preparing for high school

Study with Jess

Reforming education

Tips For Starting School

‘The Princess Bitchface Syndrome 2.0’ by Dr Michael Carr-Gregg

‘The Prince Boofhead Syndrome’ by Dr Michael Carr-Gregg

'Starting School' by Jane Godwin

Secondary School

Starting at a new school